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Cassandra's House

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The day we received books from Pastor Ken, and you requested (smile) a 10 page report on one of the books, I said yes, but knew that the report I would prepare for you would be a brief summation about:

Nevaeh Divine Ministries, Inc. and Cassandra's House

 We started looking for a building 3+ years ago. We viewed different commercial housing buildings, (hotels, apartment buildings, multi-family homes, and buildings for conversion), only to receive disappointment over and over again.


Finally, there was a multi-family home that we agreed on. Due to lack of commitment from the realtor,  the property was sold to a higher bidder. We cried, and continued to search in another area, commercial buildings with great potential to convert. 

Finally, we located a potential building, and made a deposit. We pursued the purchase with the seller only to reject the sale, due to issues beyond our control. Yes, again we were so disappointed.

We asked God to partner with us, and be in charge. Lead us, and we would follow. We continued to look with prayer, and dedication. One of the founders contacted a business associate, and they searched the internet and found the Sawyerwood school building. We approached the owner, and made arrangements to see the school.

When we visited the school, we were happy, because of how spacious it was, and our thoughts were that we could house at least 100 women, but we also would have room to grow.  It was the largest building we had seen throughout our search.

We continued to deal with the owner, and decided to purchase the building. Our thoughts were, if you build it, they will come. Shortly after we purchased the building, the vandalism started. It was so overwhelming for us, and we knew the battle was just beginning. 

Staying fervent in prayer, when we made two steps forward, God made an additional three steps.


As you boarded up broken windows at Cassandra's House, and blessed us with an invoice, Paid In Full, we could only say, Thank you Lord! Thank you Jean-Guy, but it didn't stop there. Before you left that evening, you asked us if we were going to a have a laundry room, and you offered us a brand new washing machine.

Also, you mentioned your men's club, and that you would get volunteers to help in whichever way you could be of assistance to Nevaeh Divine Ministries, but I realized it was more there. You were very receptive to us and Cassandra's House needs. 

You worked with a calmness, and affectionate spirit. Never saying much of anything. Just there, easing the struggle, and revealing the fact that God had sent you as help for us. 

You bought supplies. You picked up supplies from one of our sponsors when we could not. You set up cameras, and assisted with getting Wi Fi, and you are just there through this struggling phase of preparation for Cassandra's House. 

We are so very grateful that God blessed us with you. You brought your wife, and she helped, and has offered to assist us in any way possible. We appreciate everything you are doing.


We realize that God would guide us continually. Instruct and direct our path, so we let go, and let God. We cast all our burdens, and cares for Cassandra's House upon the Lord. We had no choice, but to fully surrender. In this arena, we have to give ourselves pep talks from time to time, telling ourselves that God has complete control of our entire situation. 

That the ship is not going to sink, and that our break through will come at the exact time God has it set up to occur, his time table.

We will rest in the Lord. There is a saying, you know it. God is never late. He's always right on time.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord, and have made the Lord their hope, and confidence. 

Everywhere there is a need, there is a provision. One of the great strengths of this project so far is that it is growing out of spiritual pilgrimage of responsibilities to facilitate the process for Cassandra's House.

Within the unity of the people of God, a multiplicity of people, and cultures are gathered together. 

There are different gifts, offices, conditions, and ways of life.

Above all, clarity binds everything together in perfect harmony.

Annette and Jean-Guy Ricard, 

Nevaeh Divine Ministries, Inc., Cassandra's House, welcome you to our organization and family.

Diane Harvey, CEO

Donna Smithanderson, VPO

Cassandra Dukes, CFO

Cassandra's House 

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